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Personal Development Coaching

It is very difficult to get perspective on anything when you are right in the middle of it; like life. Sometimes  we feel stuck or unable make sense of things. We can feel overwhelmed or we simply want to live a life with more meaning and purpose. Personal Development Coaching is a great place to start.


Integrating the disciplines of psychology, yoga, neuroscience and body centred mindfulness therapies, this coaching supports us to quieten, step back and refocus, helping us to organise our sense of self and our relationships.

Six week coaching programmes for Groups and Individuals - please contact: for more information.



Coaching is powerful because it:

  • Provides ways to navigate the full spectrum of our experiences with equanimity

  • Shows us how we are attached to feeling good or the avoidance of feeling bad 

  • Opens our eyes to new ways and new paths to bring a sense of balance and harmony

  • Brings clarity and perspective to lingering issues

  • Offers practical tools to support us physically, mentally and emotionally

  • Helps us to approach ourselves kindlier which naturally expands out to our relationships

  • Gives us time and space to step back and reflect - cultivating self awareness

The Five Principles of

Personal Development Coaching 


To ourselves, to others, to the divine


Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment


To sit with our difficult feelings and lovingly hold space for our struggles and suffering. To lovingly care for ourselves


Staying present and engaged with the fluctuations of emotions and physiological states


To live life fully with the spectrum of fully-felt emotions. A felt sense of our inner experiences.



What to expect from a session:

In each session I am there to listen compassionately, hold safe space and to offer tailor made  practices to support your expansion into wellness, wholeness and awareness.

A session might be focused on physical alignment in yogic postures or working on releasing tension in specific parts of the body. We could be identifying mental challenges such as anxiety or stress and looking at where and how we relate to them. Or we could be giving some attention to what is holding us back in life.

We could be learning meditation and mindfulness practices to bring some peace, perspective or to reduce emotional fatigue. Sometimes we just need the session time to fully let go and relax.

Please contact me directly to organise a session.

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