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As a mother, teacher, guide, meditator and traveller, Yoga has been central to my life over the last 28 years.  I work closely under the guiding principles of all my teachers and with the healing power of Maitri.


Maitri (from Sanskrit) means ‘unconditional friendliness to and for ourselves’. From this continually developing base of self-compassion, kindness and living in loving presence, the world has become illuminated: my perspective has changed and the framework upon which I make decisions and choices is more balanced. This has come, through practice, by aligning my thoughts (mindset and re-framing), emotions (breathwork) and physical body (yoga asanas, embodiment) so that what I think, say and do becomes effortlessly harmonious.

As I build awareness about what motivates me (my past stories, conditioning, patterns, habits), I can start to make better choices about the how I want my life to be and to choose to live more authentically, openly and honestly. 


The result is more peace, happiness and less fear.

Certified Hatha and Kundalini teacher
Accredited Yoga Life Coach
Embodiment Facilitator
Retreat Specialist

Professional Event Planning and Management

Leini Ireland

"Just to have full acceptance of myself, flaws and all, as I find myself right here in the moment…that’s peace for me."

A little more Maitri...

We can only give to others what we can give to ourselves first and giving to ourselves can be much harder than we expect. How much time do you give yoursefl - just to do absolutely nothing with no agenda? How honest and clearly can we see our issues and those things that are holding us back?

Being kind to ourselves includes looking at all those things we fear or find difficult to face and in doing so we begin to understand ourselves better, what drives us, what affects the way we relate to the world.  We begin to clean the windscreen of our perception so we can be in the world more openly, more kindly, more honestly and, most importantly, with more compassion for ourselves and others.


Through yoga and yoga life coaching I facilitate this process for those who feel it could be of benefit. Holding space, listening compassionately and offering tools to help - such as breath, movement and mindset work, I offer my presence to you openly, non-judgementally and in full support and service. 

Yoga is my toolbox

My  Tools: Embodiment - Connection - Mindfulness - Self-Compassion - Connection - Reframing

I teach you the tools you need to bring awareness, balance, clarity and stability to your life. You will learn to recognize which techniques you need and how/where to apply them during challenging times.

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