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Leini has unnatural wisdom, way beyond her years, and an uncanny ability to take on board a myriad of information, and then, through one's own words, help to deliver answers to questions you had no idea you were asking at such a deeply profound level.  The more you give the more you will take out. I have had numerous sessions with Leini over the years, and it never ceases to amaze me how she manages to make me face my deepest darkest questions. She ignores all the noise and focuses on the true underlying message.

- Patrick M, YLC Client


Leini’s incredible retreat was the perfect balance of introspection and connection to the group, world.  I left feeling so nourished, seen and heard and beaming like a lighthouse. I felt recharged and ready to navigate my way through life's challenges. 

I think that everyone should gift themselves this time to be still, listen and realign.

- Kirsten, Spring Retreat

Leini is more than a yoga teacher. She has a vast knowledge to share about the mind and body, and the spiritual connection between the two. She is a very patient person and encourages people to work within their ability. There is no pressure or judgement. The weekly yoga classes are definitely a highlight of my week.

- Connie, regular student

Eventually I have stopped ‘going to yoga’ and started living yoga.  More and more I feel how yoga has a positive impact on my life and creates little changes in dealing with situations, people and places. My Teacher and companion on my personal yogic path, Leini, has an amazing way to guide me. She seems to intuitively know exactly what is needed in the moment. I have attended Leini’s classes for two years now and highly recommend her. Leini is a wonderful teacher and friend.  

- Claudia, regular student

Thank you everyone for sharing such a beautiful weekend. It was a real honour and a great pleasure to spend so much time with you all in such a wonderful setting. I am so grateful for the time we had together, the hugs, the yoga, the deep contemplation, the nourishment (inside and out) the spirit and the magic. Love and hugs to you all.  Thank you to everyone for making it happen.

- Julia, Spring Retreat

I’ve tried many classes over the years but never found a teacher who makes yoga as accessible as Leini does. She is so accepting and encouraging of those of us who are not naturally bendy! Her classes are a wonderful mixture of practicality and spirituality.
- Alex, regular student

Leini's yoga life coaching sessions have been monumental in the deepening of my yoga practice, on and off the mat. She is incredibly gifted in holding a healing space for me to express myself, and each session has provided the perfect balance of wisdom, humour and empowerment that has significantly aided me during a monumental transition in my life. Forever in gratitude Leini. Thank you.

- Evonne, YLC client

A blissful weekend, thank you so much! What a great group of ladies.

- Esther, Spring Retreat

I am still glowing and feeling more like a lighthouse than in a long time. Thank you, all you lovelies, I will treasure this weekend forever!
- Britt, Spring Retreat

Going to Leini’s yoga classes has transformed my life.  Her gentle and meditative style of teaching offers complete sanctuary and the opportunity to totally relax.  Her classes are something that I just couldn’t do without.

Susie, regular student

 I was lucky enough to attend a yoga retreat held by Leini in Bali. It was such an amazing experience. It was an opportunity to  further develop my yoga practice on a twice daily basis, plus explore chanting and meditation which I had not done this before and it was very calming. The retreat was definitely worth it.

- Connie, Maitri Retreat, Bali

I was hooked after the first session, and so relieved and happy to find the ‘right’ practitioner for my needs! What sets Leini’s class apart from the standard yoga class, is her voice and her teaching style.... which come together to create the perfect atmosphere, for mind, body and spirit. When I’m away for long periods, I might go and join a yoga class in a gym but they just don’t compare! I have a busy schedule, but Leini’s yoga class is the one thing I make time for. It is a good workout for my body  as well as keeping me grounded and focused, as I’m on the run all the time.  Thank you Leini for being a wonderful teacher.

- Susan, regular student

Staying in a beautiful and luxurious villa, eating delicious clean simple meals, pampering and indulging in massages, meditation, yoga, sharing circles, sunrise (if you wanted to!) and sunset walks or chanting sessions were just some of the delights to dip into. 

The pool, plunge pools, garden, terraces and roof provided so much outside space to bask in being in nature and recharge the batteries.

Leini and Britt were perfect hostesses! Their passion and delight in what they do can be seen and felt in everything.

Leini led the yoga, meditation and chanting experiences with such beautiful energy. She is a gifted yoga teacher who is all about the deep resonance that the practice brings to all areas of life. Love it!

I am so very grateful that I got the chance to be part of this magical week in Bali and be guided to focus on my practice of maitri.

- Kirstin, Maitri Retreat Bali

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