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maitri yoga retreat

This retreat is designed to melt the edges and give you space to relax.  Supported by the daily practises of asana to stretch the body and bring flexibility, combined with breathwork to help us unwind the mind and let go of anxiety and stress...and some quiet time so we can start to declutter  and re-find a sense of peace.  Giving ourselves the opportunity to reset and be nourished by the freshly home cooked delights from our inhouse chef and to rest and restore in the lush garden and its beautiful surrounds, right near the sea.  We look after you so you can look after yourself.

We focus on a holistic approach to yoga so we combine asana (postures) to move the body releasing tension, with breathing techniques to regulate the emotional body and mantra chanting to calm and focus the mind. We are situated right near the beautiful beach so mindful walks (particularly stunning at sunset) to just take time to be by the ocean is so healing. These retreats are very relaxed. We are flexible and adaptable depending on the needs of the group and individuals.

What is included?

  • A twice daily hatha yoga practice

  • Breathing classes to balance and calm the emotional body

  • Mantra and meditation practise to free the mind

  • An in villa massage

  • Beach walks

  • Ensuite, air-conditioned bedrooms – all linen, towels and toiletries provided

  • All meals provided - home cooked vegetarian food

  • Delicious healthy snacks, smoothies and non-alcoholic beverages 

  • Free Wifi

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